Hi! We’re the Goulets.  We live in Central Illinois with our three crazy boys.  We purchased our third house in 2015, a 1970’s wallpapered palace.  Well…. palace might be a stretch but wallpapered it was! We are slowly fixing it up in between soccer games and dance parties.  

One of our goals for our house is not only update the look of our house, but to also update the functionality with modern technology to make life easier.  In our constant internet and Pinterest searching we were having a hard time finding real life reviews and instructions on the latest smart home technology.  So, we decided to share what we are learning along the way in the hopes that our test, trials and reviews can help you too. 

Katie Goulet Website Design

Katie - aka Mom

Hi I'm Katie. When I am not wielding a power tool I run my own website design business at Katie Goulet Design Co where I help businesses have a great online presence and a website that gets results. I'm also the chief carpenter around here. Woodworking is my hobby and should be on a first name basis with the employees at Menard's.

Daniel - aka Dad

Hi I'm Daniel. I love gadgets and always want to be the first to try the latest technology. I'm the Chief Technology Officer around here. I also love trying new things, building things, and if there's a challenge, I'm in. While I know when to phone my friend the electrician, I've found that with a little (or a lot) or research I can figure out most of our home updates myself. When I'm not tripping circuit breakers, I work as the Weekend Experience Pastor at the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois.

REcent Posts

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